Selfiebox and background info

Balint Szigeti

Owner and CEO of MyWayFilm Studio, senior cinematographer. You contact him by renting the photobox and he will answer all your questions

The lighting

Since MzWazPhotobox is able to operate without electiricity (unplugged) for a while, it also able to provide the necessary lights on its own. It has its own basic pop-up light plus flash and beauty-box helps you to look even better

Funny props | masks

We have tons of crazy accesories, glasses, masks, costumes, wigs whices are all part of the offer


Best ‘appetizer’ for the evening party. Everybody can get the best out of him/herself if they do not need to be themselves 🙂

The print

5x15cm printed stripe with your personal logo, name, date, any customized info as you wish. Printed twice per session

Hats, extras

Try to use different props to make the fun even better. Old or young, does not matter, fun is equal. Must to have on every wedding

Almost boomerang GIF

GIF: the photos made in the photobox are digitally put after each other and played back endlessly. The best part ever!

Custom background, thematic concepts

You can use customized background to the Photobox. For example with striped background and paper boards with the names of the guests on, you can create the ‘jail-concept’. The guests will make the rest of the fun

Usage of MyWayPhotobox

MyWayPhotobox – The SelfieMachine or so called Selfiebox | photoautomata creates 4 photos after each other with 10 seconds of breaks

  1. Ajánlott előre kiválasztani 4 szett kosztümöt, hogy a fotóbox-olás során lőtt képek közötti 10másodperces szünetekben gyorsan tudjatok új jelmezre váltani
  2. Válaszd ki milyen nyelven kommunikáljon Veled a photobox/selfiegép
  3. Nyomd meg a START-ot és pózolj!
  4. Miután elkészültek a photobox képek, küldd el magadnak E-mail-ben és/vagy oszd meg Facebook-on, vagy csak simán nyomtasd ki instant!

Multi-language Photobox!

Choose your languge from the 3 available options in the Photobox | Photo-booth. Having each session you have the choice to choose new language:

German | Engish | Hungarian

Touchscreen – full control

If you need more time to change your costume/masks during a photos-session of the Photobox, or simply made a mistake with your pose or don’t like the end result, you can always cancel the actual photos and re-do it


Don’t forget to put one of the ready prints into your Guestbook. It is a memory forever!