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MyWayPhotobox – all-inclusive, stylish, automatic photo-camera booth/box for weddings, company and other events. Available in more colors

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MyWayPhotobox-TheSelfieMachine | automatic selfie-box with live support

Photobox or funny photo corner, photobooth comes with experienced cinematographer and photographer background

Just imagine. You rent a photobox and it is needed to be picked up. You or maybe your friends. Transportation. Setup. Someone might help you out by remote support. The photobox, photobooth starts operating but suddenly the paper runs out of the printer, and/or the waiter just unplugs the wires as he needs the plugin for some reason and the photobox, selfiebox goes down immediately. These are just few issues that we experienced while we were working on weddings as wedding cinematographer(s) or wedding photographer(s) and third party photobooth were installed.

Keeping in mind all these issues we created MyWayPhotobox brand that brings you flawless and professional photobooth service. The background is provided by MyWayFilm Studio which operates nearly 9 years on weddings. The main purpose of the Studio to keep the wedding Couples stressless. During the years we understood how stressful a wedding day can be, and there is a real necessity to have tested, reliable and issue-free services. Which comes with technical knowledge and empathy.

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